Las Vegas Auto Accident Attorney

You’ve just been injured in an auto accident in Las Vegas – and now your life’s a thousand times more complicated than it already was.

  • Injuries

    – from the hassle of aches and pains to the life-altering tragedy of permanent disability: where to go for treatment, how to pay medical bills with money you don’t have, inability to work, lost wages and future earnings, plus…the constant physical pain you’re in while trying to do the things you used to do so easily

  • Disruption

    – your daily routine grinds to a halt, family and friends are having to go out of their way to help with trips to the doctor, the chiropractor, the pharmacy, the physical therapist, your home life has been turned upside down

  • Mental Anguish

    – the trauma of the accident, anxiety about the future, the guilt and shame that comes with feeling helpless, the anger, and the depression

  • Property Damage

    – endless phone conversations with your insurance company, mountains of confusing paperwork, finding a way to get to work (the grocery store, the kids’ schools, running errands…), rental car coverage, finding a repair shop close to home, etc.

Meanwhile, the person responsible for doing this to you doesn’t have a scratch. What they do have, however, is their insurance company’s army of lawyers working hard to deny your claim, a slight increase in premiums…and a normal life.

It’s just not fair, is it?

Las Vegas auto accident attorney, G. Dallas Horton & Associates fights this injustice every single day.

Your unfortunate experience may be brand new to you, but it’s not to us. Our firm, which practices exclusively in personal injury law, has successfully resolved literally thousands and thousands of car accident claims.

With a combined 70+ years of legal experience, including a combined 50+ years of past insurance defense litigation experience, the attorneys with G. Dallas Horton & Associates know how to deal with insurance companies and how to handle every trick in their book. Our firm will not let the insurance companies take advantage of you.

Our Las Vegas auto accident attorney can help take the burden off of you and put it where it belongs – on the person responsible for your injuries, mental anguish, property damage, and upside down life.

For over a decade, our firm has been getting the people of Las Vegas the compensation they deserve from auto, truck, and motorcycle accidents. We’ve helped them get their lives back on track – now let us help you.

If you have been a victim and need a Las Vegas auto accident attorney  call us today at 702-380-3100 to talk about your case, or

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