In addition to the above tips, there are additional things you can do to prevent serious injury and crashes when riding your motorcycle:

  • Get training. Whether you have just gotten your license or have been on a motorcycle for some time, getting additional lessons from an experienced instructor can help give you some great advice for avoiding crashes and staying safe. Be sure to get lessons about defensive driving and about what to do if you must go into a slide to avoid a crash. A good instructor can show you how to reduce your risk of an injury even if you find yourself in a very dangerous situation.
  • Wear a helmet and wear it properly. There is a huge disparity between the fatality risk for helmeted riders and those without helmets. In 2015, 41 of Nevada’s motorcycle fatalities involved riders not wearing helmets and 11 involved riders with head protection. Helmets can cut your risk of head trauma if you are ever in a motorcycle accident in Las Vegas. When wearing your helmet, be sure to use the chinstraps and wear a helmet that fits. The wrong helmet, worn correctly, is likely to fall off during a crash, meaning it won’t protect you.
  • Wear extra gear. In addition to a helmet, you can wear boots, leathers, gloves and extra padding to give you some protection in the event of a collision. These items will protect you from road rash and potentially other injuries if you find yourself in a dangerous situation. Goggles can also help protect you if your helmet does not have a visor.
  • Know the rules of the road and follow them. Is lane-splitting allowed in Nevada? This is just one of the common questions we get asked. The answer is no. You must ride in your own lane and treat your motorcycle like any other vehicle on the road. Do not share lanes. If you are unclear about these or other rules of the road, learn them so you can obey them properly.
  • Protect your passengers. If you have a passenger, make sure they are safe, too. Do not let an additional rider on your bike unless they have a helmet and are wearing it correctly. Make sure your passenger holds on to you correctly. Try going slowly at first if your passenger is new to motorcycles. This allows him or her to adjust and to get used to the movement so they don’t accidentally let go.

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