Injuries caused by defective products are common, and if a defective product has injured you or someone you know, you may be entitled to compensation. Manufacturers are responsible for the products they sell, and consumers should be comfortable knowing the products they buy are safe for their prescribed use.

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What Does A Product Liability Attorney Do?

product liability attorney represents individuals who have been injured by defective products and litigates against companies that have created a product that has caused harm. Product liability attorneys are able to demonstrate that a product has caused harm and seek compensation for the injured parties.

A product liability attorney will work to demonstrate that…

  • The manufacture did not exercise care in manufacturing the product.
  • There was a design defect in the product .
  • The manufacture did not provide adequate warnings about the product.

A product liability attorney will be able to demonstrate the manufacturer of the product was at fault. They will call expert witnesses to testify the product was defective and could cause damage. The end goal is to pursue damages against the manufacture of the product, so that you can get the restitution for your personal injury that you deserve.

A product liability attorney will hold the manufacturer accountable. Manufacturers may try to shift responsibility to the consumer. Defense attorneys for manufacturers of products will try to show the consumer was negligent in their use and handling of the product. An experienced lawyer to represent the consumer, however, will know what it takes to counter such claims.

NOTE: Dallas Horton, a top Las Vegas personal injury attorney, suggests that if you have been injured by a defective product, do not try to repair the product. It must be in the same condition as when it caused damage or injury for the best chance to prove your case.