We all know drinking and driving is a bad idea. We all would agree there should be tougher penalties for drunk drivers who kill innocent citizens. We all feel strongly that drunk driving is a terrible thing. At least, we all agree when we’re sober. Put a few drinks in someone and their opinion can change very quickly.

Not only is drunk driving irresponsible and dangerous, it can be expensive and embarrassing. A DUI ticket is an expensive thing. The training you take to get it expunged from your record is expensive. Handcuffs aren’t a flattering accessory to your cutest New Year’s Eve dress.

To keep you and your friends safe on the roads this NYE, you can read our New Years Safety Tips Article or read this list of a few resources to take advantage of if you get partying harder than you thought you would:

  • The Designated Drivers Foundation will offer free, safe rides home for adult consumers (21+) from 8 p.m. Friday, Dec. 30 through noon, Sunday, Jan. 1. Put their number in your phone: (702)-456-RIDE.
  • The Las Vegas monorail will be offering discounted rides to locals. $1 will get you a ticket to any of their 7 stops (MGM Grand, Bally’s/Paris Las Vegas, Flaming/Caesars Palace, Harrah’s/Imperial Palace, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas Hilton and Sahara Avenue). Check out their website for more information.

Oh, and here’s the number to call if you see a drunk driver: 911.

Stay safe out there. I really don’t want to have to defend you in court because of a stupid action that Jack Daniels made you do. And you definitely don’t want me coming after you for my client, do you?

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