There are a lot of trucks in Las Vegas. There are only a couple ways in and out of the city on truck routes into Arizona, California, and Utah so there are a lot of truckers on the road at any given time. There are strict laws regarding the securing of cargo for trucking companies, but (like in any other industry) accidents happen.

I recently represented a client who had an incident involving a trucker. There are over 15 million trucks on the road in America today ( so the chances that you’ll be on the road with one are pretty good. My client was on a Las Vegas freeway with one of these trucks and the truckers load became unsecured. The load fell off the truck and caused a collision with my client’s car and my client sustained severe spinal injuries.

The client came to me to help them pay for their medical bills from this Las Vegas truck accident and other expenses they incurred as a result of the trucking company’s negligence in improperly securing their load. I was able to help my client win a $8.9 million verdict and a $9.5 million judgement.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, please give my law office a call and schedule a free consultation. You have enough things to worry about on the roads and irresponsible trucking companies should be held accountable for their actions. You deserve to have someone on your side that is experienced in personal injury cases like yours and will fight to get you what you deserve.