*STOP! Before you read the rest of this page, please make sure you DO NOT attempt to repair or destroy the defective product! The product MUST be in the condition it was in when it injured you or your loved one!*

You’ve been injured by a defective product and are in need of a Las Vegas product liability attorney. In addition to the pain, you feel frustrated and betrayed. As a consumer, you place a tremendous amount of trust in the manufacturers and sellers of the products you buy every day.

When a product does you physical harm through no fault of your own, you have a right to demand justice from those irresponsible enough to offer such a dangerous product to you, your family, and society in general.
Dallas Horton & Associates can help you get the compensation you deserve if you’ve been injured by a defective product.

Our personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas share your frustration and sense of betrayal because they’re consumers too and don’t want unsafe products available for purchase that have the potential to harm their families or loved ones.


What Type of Case Do You Have?

To develop a strategy to use when presenting your case, you need to understand the categories that make up product liability in Las Vegas. As you read through each of these types of product defect, remember that you have the responsibility to not only prove that the product was defective, but show that the defect caused the injury for which you are suing.

  • Defectively Manufactured Products — This is perhaps the most common type of product liability claim. It involves injuries caused by products that were defectively manufactured. A defective product is often caused by an error in the production process at the factory, such as a poisonous set of cough syrup.
  • Defectively Designed Products — In this type of product liability case, the design of the product or make of goods was defective or inherently dangerous to consumers, even though the product was manufactured exactly to specifications. This type of case may be a cargo van that flips over while turning a corner, or a line of electric blankets that catch on fire.
  • Failure to Provide Instructions or Warnings — This product liability claim is due to a lack of sufficient warnings or instructions about the proper use of a product. This claim usually involves a product that presents danger in a way that the user doesn’t notice, or the user must exercise diligence or take special precautions when using it. An example is an over-the-counter medication that doesn’t have a warning label stating that the user will experience side effects when combined with another drug.