How Injury Affects Your Worklife Expectancy

22 Nov, 2018

A serious injury can affect your ability to work, and if you decide to pursue a legal claim for your injury, one issue your attorney will look at is your worklife expectancy after your injury. Worklife expectancy doesn’t just refer to the number of...

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Dallas Horton was Named One of the Top Lawyers in Las Vegas

21 Nov, 2018

Not only was Dallas Horton named one of the top 100 lawyers in Las Vegas by My Vegas magazine, he was also featured on the cover of their latest issue. Browse through the article to...

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Dallas Horton, Esq. Selected for Trademark Who’s Who Honors

21 Nov, 2018

The whole team here at Dallas Horton and Associates are extremely proud and excited to share that as of February 5th, 2016, our Firm’s founder, ...

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Should I Sue After An Injury?

09 Oct, 2018

Should I Sue After An Injury? Being a victim of a wrongfully inflicted injury you naturally expect to be compensated for the inconvenience and pain inflicted upon you. Usually, the wrongdoer is expected to pay for damages that resulted from your...

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